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Gym-Pact.comI bet that many of you have included “getting in shape” as part of your New Year resolutions. And I’m also sure that just as little as three days into 2012, you’re already foreseeing serious trouble keeping that one up. Some people manage to pull through since they have their loved ones at their side, supporting them through thick and thin. But that’s not enough for most people I know. And that’s where a service like GymPact comes in.

GymPact is based on a novel idea: paying you for going to the gym. The way this web service (and iPhone app) works is really clever, as you make a “pact” to go to the gym a certain number of times per week. If you don’t, then you’ll be “fined”. And that money you lose is going straight to other users of the service (IE, people who did honor the “fitness pact” they had made).

And how do you prove that you’ve indeed honored that “pact”? Easy. The provided mobile app lets you check-in to your gym. You either were there or you weren’t. The app would never lie.

So, on this site you won’t get badges or points for going to the gym. You’ll get real money and (in some cases) prizes for all the exercises that you do. If that fails to get you off the couch and start trying to touch your toes, then I frankly don’t know what could motivate you. In Their Own Words

Paying too much for a gym you never use? GymPact lets you set the financial stakes of not getting to the gym, plus earn real cash for every workout you committed – paid for by those who didn’t get to the gym!

All you need is an iPhone. Make the most of your gym membership!

Some Questions About

What if you lead a really complicated life? Can you change your pacts as time goes by? Or are pacts rigidly fixed once you’ve made them?