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Gydget.comGydget is a social marketing platform for bands, artists, sports teams, or anyone who wants to promote themselves. One of their tools is a fan widget which can be used for promoting bands and music artists.


Using the widget catalog, you can leaf through different artist categories and select what sort of widget you’d like, i.e. one for watching videos, for displaying tour dates, or for listening to and buying music. Other widgets available on site use interactive maps and allow for promotions across a label. Users can customize widgets according to the artists they want to keep tabs on. Gydget’s widgets are free for users and they’re expanding access across social networks. In Their Own Words

“A fan widget, or gydget, is a stand-alone viral promotions tool perfect for bands, sports teams, or any organization that wants to get the word out to fans across all social networking sites about news, media and events.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Gydget provides a fast and easy promotional tool for bands, artists, etc. looking to promote themselves across the net. The widgets provide all the features you could want, and they’re dead simple to use.

Some Questions About

Gydget hasn’t come up with anything mind-blowing yet, will they be able to impress users with more features? How will they improve their widgets?

Author : Siri Marshall

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