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GuitarTV.comThe ultimate treat for those who aspire to become the new John Petrucci or Carlos Santana, this site offers a live stream of guitar-related content. On everything from live performances and lessons to interview with luminaries is provided, 24/7.


Steve Vai is actually behind this site (he devised it with tech guy/musician Andy Alt). In nine out of ten cases, that might as well be all the encouragement an aspiring guitarists needs to give the site a try. I mean, who can know the kind of content guitarists want to sample and experience better than a master performer like Steve Vai?

The site itself is designed like a guitar, and by clicking on its strings you will be able to learn more about the content that is being played on Wikipedia, and also get a link to buy it online at places like Amazon and the iTunes store.

All in all, quite a professional-looking site that also has the content to go with its slick layout. If you play the instrument (or have just begun taking classes), missing it is unthinkable. In Their Own Words

The best of the guitar, 24 hours a day.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Is there anything better for guitar players than a site devised by Steve Vai himself?

Some Questions About

What about adding a corner for unsigned/up-and-coming artists?

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