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GuitarHype.comIf you are a bit bored of playing Guitar Hero on your own and its multiplayer mode doesn’t cut it for you because you are a people’s person by nature, then this online resource will most likely be up your street.


You see, here you will have the chance of joining in a social network for guitar players and music lovers on the whole.

Here, guitarists from everywhere can share their musical ideas and post videos, either of themselves playing live, or their heroes (Hendrix, Allman, Clapton…) working their magic.

Additionally, the ones who created the site have made a point of featuring many guitar lessons free of cost. If you feel you need to do some brushing up when it comes to scales, this will do.

When all is said and done, this site provides guitarists of all levels a ready chance to get to know each other better, collaborate, and also show off a little. If you think you can upstage John Petrucci then go ahead and upload your own videos – I would love to see what leads you to making such a claim. In Their Own Words

“Watch guitar videos & socialize!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are a trillion guitar players out there – guitars must be the most played instruments around. As a result, this has a truly huge potential number of users.

Some Questions About

Is there a site like this one but focused on basses?

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