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Guitarati.comImagine an online utopia for underground and upcoming music fans, bands, and labels. Now, get to know Guitarati.

It wants to be a virtual hangout for upcoming groups, their groupies and signers; a place to set your own price for music, to legally download and stream songs, and to shop around for the next greatest thing. Musicians retain 75 percent of their earnings on music, and listeners are able to hear the whole song before purchasing. The creators of the site have also employed a unique feature whereby an artist can assign a color to a specific song, to connote a mood or sentiment. The site is currently invitation only, but plans to open to the general public soon. In Their Own Words

“Guitarati is a new music store for musicians, bands and labels to promote and sell their music. But it is not just another store on the block! The deal here is much better than any other place. How? Money first – its your music, you decide its price. No run-off-the-mill pricing. Change as you want it, when you want it. Second – you earn not only for song downloads, but also for streaming. Third – you keep 75% of the earnings . Fourth (this should have been the 1st, but we talked money first) we promise to unfold a different way of music discovery that will blow the audience off their feet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are plenty of online music communities, and even more specifically, plenty of underground music sites. However, few give the musician so much power- the power to price songs, the power to code music in so many ways- and this is what sets Guitarati apart from the rest.

Some Questions About

Will listeners be turned off by having to pay to stream music?