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The name of Paul K. Guillow is one that every hobbyist knows very well, as his products are highly-sought by those who build model airplanes all over the world. And on, all the model kits and flying toys that have made the company famous can be easily bought. This online store is split in the following six categories: “Model Kits”, “Flying Toys”, “R/C Planes”, “Activity Set”, “Workboards” and “Building Supplies”. And both parts and accessories can be bought on this site, too lists featured products on its homepage, and you can also see these items that can be bought at discounted prices there. And the store can be browsed by price, too. You can choose to have products within any of these three ranges displayed: from $5 to $19, from $20 to $59, and from $60 upwards. Which is just great, as it would not only save you a lot of time but also the frustration of coming across kits and models you know you couldn’t afford in a lifetime.

Moreover, includes a database of hobby shops that can be browsed State by State. Just by sharing your location, you’ll get to know about all these nearby stores that carry Guillow products. And you don’t need to live in the US to benefit from this service – Guillow’s database includes worldwide retailers.

And the site’s rounded by a message board where you can connect with fellow hobbyists, and a collection of FAQs for model builders that are crystal-clear to understand.

Author : Charly Zaks

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