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Guardly.comCalling 911 (or 999 if you live in the UK) is one of the first things you are taught to do when you are a child. But times move on, and so does technology. The arrival of platforms like Guardly is the result of a logical evolution.


In general, we can say that Guardly is mobile personal safety service that enables any user to call not just 911 but also his friends and family directly. This is done in merely three taps (as opposed to the eight taps that would take to call 911 using an iPhone).

And there is more to the whole application than that, as it can determine the position of the user based on the GPS of his phone, and transmit that as well.

When using Guardly, the user activates Guardly by clicking on the button that reads SEND ALERT. A five-second countdown will there and then take place, and the phone will vibrate with every second that passes. Once this countdown has ended, the call to 911 will be made and the friends of the user will be notified. And a nice feature is that the application will keep on trying to place the call when there is no signal, until it manages to do so. In Their Own Words

Guardly is the first mobile personal safety service that instantly connects you to friends, family & authorities ? in just one tap.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It simplifies the way in which emergency services have always been traditionally contacted.

Some Questions About

Which other mobiles are meant to be supported?

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