– A New Web-based Client For Twitter

Gtwit.comSelf-described as “a dynamic web-based client for Twitter”, Gtwit is there to ensure that all your Twittering needs are duly taken care of. This client works equally well in Firefox and Safari, and it makes for storing all the tweets you send or follow on Google’s cloud infrastructure.

This way, you can conduct tweet searches taking into account person, word or tag. Whenever you are executing a search and typing in the relevant keywords, a smart completion feature is also provided for additional convenience.

Other features that merit mentioning include the auto-removal of URLs that have been rickrolled, and the shrinking of links so that you can fit more characters into an existing field. Keyboard shortcuts are also supported, and a bookmarklet that will let you tweet easily from gtwit while you are surfing the Internet is likewise included.

This new service is still in beta, and you can sign up using your Google account and furnishing your Twitter profile details. If you think there is room for improvement make sure to contact the Gtwit team at [email protected] and let them know your opinion so that they can further enhance it. In Their Own Words

“Gtwit is a dynamic web based client for twitter that supports history and personal search of your tweets by storing them on Google’s cloud.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Twitter adepts are always keen on resources that make using their preferred platform suppler.

Some Questions About

When is the next update due? When will Internet Explorer support be added?