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Stop Guessing How To Make The Right Connections And Grow Your Knowledge Network At BizBuzzMe

There’s a reason we call standing out for the work you do “making a name for yourself.” You have to make it. You can’t just sit on your smarts and expect the industry you’re in to revolve around you. You have to work and collaborate and share your knowledge in order to matter in your chosen field.


Which doesn’t mean that there isn’t a way for everyone to connect a little easier and arrive where they’re aiming for a little faster. BizBuzzMe is a professional network, or knowledge network, for people who are seeking information and those who have it to connect with each other.



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Similar to other social or professional networks, people create profiles with brief bios, highlighting areas of expertise. Unlike many networks, where relationships stop at merely becoming linked or becoming marketing targets, BizBuzzMe puts substantial content front and center.


Instead of all the handwringing that usually accompanies trying to figure out how to connect with the right people or gain the insights you’re lacking, BizBuzzMe dives right into Q&As and articles. Ask away and let the people that have the answers share their expertise. Read about and talk about pertinent topics, and receive consultation from the pros.


Do you know of any successful people who have managed their achievements alone? That’s a rhetorical question. Everyone relies on others to push them, encourage them, teach them. Likewise, most leaders inspire in part by how well they manage to bring out the best in others. BizBuzzMe’s system links people from both ends and makes the exchange of knowledge as easy as possible.


In addition to original content and Q&As, BizBuzzMe facilitates live chats and group creation (read: no trouble communicating). Members can also share videos and webinar links with one another. Roundtable talks are on the horizon as well.


Though the words aren’t used expressly, BizBuzzMe clearly help professionals establish themselves as influencers or thought leaders. The network does so by offering experts a place to publish work – or by providing writing services to help members contribute in their respective fields more actively – while premium memberships afford both greater profile visibility and priority placement of content.


Does anyone mind skipping the ads?


If it’s high time you receive recognition for your knowledge, then put it out there where interested parties can find it. And if you’re hungry to gobble up all the learning and experience you can in order to accelerate your professional development, best to gain knowledge from those who know best. Stop dancing around one another, and connect more directly with BizBuzzMe.


While the company is in pre-launch phase, they’re offering a limited number of lifetime Platinum Memberships. Take advantage of this opportunity before it vanishes at


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