– Perfect Family Shots

GroupShot.comAvailable on the App Store for $0.99 (download link), GroupShot is an application that you can use to blend different pictures together in order to create a new one. An app like this one is great for these times when you have four or five different family shots, and at least one of your children is making a different face on each photo. Well, this application lets you highlight the area you want to use on the “definitive” photo. You do that with each picture, until you have shown GroupShot all the right elements to be used.

When you’re done, the new picture will be created. And you’ll there and then have a photo you can share with your Facebook contacts without having to make apologies because of your youngest child behaving as if he were in front of the bathroom mirror.

The best thing about GroupShot is that you don’t have to cut and paste anything. You simply highlight the areas to be used with your fingers. The app will do the rest, and make everything fit seamlessly.

All in all, a very cool app and no mistaking. It’s one of the healthiest ways to have a perfect family picture without spending the best part of an afternoon cutting and pasting faces, or promising your children rewards just to behave themselves when it’s time for a family shot. In Their Own Words

When was the last time you took a family picture that came out perfect on the first try? GroupShot can help you do exactly that!

Some Questions About

This app’s really useful, will it come to other smartphones? Or does the way it work only makes it compatible with iPhones?