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Grouperly.comThere’s no shortage of services for meeting new people to hang out with, and they keep on getting more and more inventive. Just the other day I reviewed one named Wifis that let you make new friends by turning your wifi network into a contact form. There’s no denying that’s really original. And bold. Wifi networks are not the kind of thing that you open to all and sundry. Some people will surely won’t be that keen on doing something like that, and they’ll take a more conventional approaching to making new friends online. They’ll use a service like Grouperly instead.

Grouperly is a social service that lets you build a profile, list all your interests and hobbies, and become connected with people who live as near or far as you want. You can connect with folks who live just around the corner as easily as you can connect with people who live at the other side of town. You do that by writing as many posts as you like per day, describing what it is you like to do and what your plans for the future are, and you can also use pictures to make everything livelier. And Grouperly makes it easy to organize events, and spread the word about them online. It all boils down to targeting the right people in order to start generating some serious buzz.

You can sign up for a Grouperly account here. It costs nothing, and you have to disclose very little personal information. In Their Own Words

Meet people who share your interests in your neighborhood.

Some Questions About

What would make people choose Grouperly over a site like Facebook? Isn’t Facebook the one site where most people go to make new friends nowadays? And isn’t the design of Grouperly too amateurish to win people over?