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On GroundReport’s citizen journalism portal, people can submit their stories on an array of topics such as; news, lifestyle, and culture. There are also live news broadcasts where reporters debrief on stories from around the world. GRTV broadcasts everyday giving viewer’s raw, uncut news. gives individuals the chance to talk about the news and give their opinion on what’s going on in the world. You can express your opinion on the news without the worry of censorship, pressure from political parties or governments. has no bias of any sort, what you write is what is seen on the site. Create an account and submit your articles. The articles are judged by the other users and the best articles are displayed on the front page. Articles receive ratings from one to five stars. You can search for news on the site, by region, tags or reporter. If you have found the articles written by a certain reporter interesting, follow their news and receive alerts when they submit new articles. You can look at peoples profile to see where they are from, how long they have been a member and how many articles they have written. If you want to learn more about what is going n in the world and hear it from voice like your own, go to In Their Own Words

“ is a citizen news portal that enables anyone to instantly publish articles, photography and video to a global audience. To establish trust, the GroundReport community rates each other’s work, and the best reports rise to the top of the front page. All contributors earn a share of revenues based on traffic to their stories. GroundReport TV is the world’s first live citizen news channel. GRTV broadcasts live every day with international interviews, event streams and news updates. GroundReport is uncensored, democratic, passionate news.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is news from real people who are voicing their real experiences and opinions. As a writer you can finally voice your opinion on a platform that is democratic. You can voice your opinion, and get paid. Contributors are paid monthly, through PayPal, depending on the traffic of their articles.

Some Questions About

Contributors can earn money depending on how much traffic there is on their articles, but how much can they really earn? The site doesn’t give any information or estimates on how much you could earn contributing articles. How does do compared to other sites that let users submit news? Is there a lot of competition?

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