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Groovor.comAchievements can be measured in lots of different ways. Some might say that what goes into making a feat a feat is the effort it took to pull it off, and the actual time the person actually devoted to its realization. Which is quite a respectable point of view by all accounts. But personally, I tend to look at things a little more differently. If you ask me, the true weight of an achievement becomes measurable when one looks at all the people that it motivated, and that it brought to do their best. When something elicits such a response, then that is when it can be called an achievement.


And I know I am not the only one who thinks like that. The folks who came up with this site certainly share in that way of thinking. You see, Groovor is a video hosting service to which ordinary folks can upload all their biggest achievements in a bid to keep them saved for posterity online, but also to motivate others to get up and do something truly great.

The contents of the site are split into categories such as handmade, vehicles, business and journeys, and all the videos that are uploaded can be viewed by the rest of the Groovor community right away. They can be viewed and also commented, of course. The idea is to encourage everybody to do his finest, and with so much content already available such a thing shouldn’t really be that difficult. In Their Own Words

Look at all your achievements.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a straightforward (and even fun) way to inspire and encourage others to do their best.

Some Questions About

How long can the featured videos be?

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