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Forget the days of annoying group emails, indecision and disorganization. Groopvine lets users create their own event or trip page where all plans and invitees are in the know. First, the user hass to make a profile, which then is the home to multiple events. The organizer has a lot of freedom on their page and can choose the make the page public or private. The next step is the create a template (original or borrowed from another site member) for the event. Once invitees are aware of the page, the organizer can post polls to get group consensus on decisions and ideas, which is usually the worst part of planning a trip. This way it is easy to understand preferences and decisions can be made democratically. Groopvine is a great tool for groups of all kinds including families, sports teams, religious groups, university clubs, travel buddies, senior travelers, etc. Once the itinerary is set by the organizer, invitees can research and reserve their transportation and lodgings directly from the homepage. Each event can be updated with news, weather, photos, time or place changes, and comments. All travel groups welcomed In Their Own Words

¨Groople is the leading online group travel agency dedicated to simplifying the otherwise difficult task of planning travel for your group. For all of you economist-black-and-white-number-cruncher-financial-non-emotive-types out there, let us boil it down to a simple equation:
Groups + People = Groople¨

Why All travel groups welcomed It Might Be A Killer

The idea that a great travel agency like Groople is the mama of ensures that your event page will be as well organized as your trip. Group rates are available as well as freebies which is the spark that sets Groopvine apart from other travel planning sites. The audience is huge and the format is simple. From senior citizens to little league sports, everyone´s trip as a home on Groopvine.

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The site is currently impossible to read when you try to enter to view a sample plan. All travel groups welcomed

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