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Groops.netGroups, groups, groups, that’s what this is all about. This site is for people who have had enough of virtual encounters and social networking sites and virtual groups – it is for people who like to meet people.


Thus, the main goal of this site is to actively encourage private gatherings and to get people really meeting each other. It’s true that people meet on online dating sites more and more, but when did someone have a marriage or a child online? People need to meet for this to happen and this is exactly what these people are trying to achieve.

In order to do so, they try to get people together by their interests, and ensure that there will at least be one topic in which everyone will hit it off. Also, they have a lot of local involvement going as far as helping people help themselves. Perhaps one of the coolest things about this site is that Groops supports non-commercial events by sponsoring flyer costs or renting a room or a sound system. We all hate seeing text ads, but if they will help you finance your next party, then why not? In Their Own Words

‘Groops Stands For:

– regular, private get-togethers

– finding people with the same interests

– local involvement

– helping people help themselves

– offline communities

– social experiences

This is why Groops supports non-commercial events. If you plan such an event: we regularly sponsor costs for printing flyers or renting a soundsystem or a room.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

They help people! For real…

Some Questions About

Will they really make enough money to help people?

Author : Bill Webb

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