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GrimTweeper.comIf someone devised a way to get a Twitter account tidied up with the same ease and speed it becomes cluttered, then we would be onto something good. People have been trying to come up with one such tool from a long time now, and GrimTweeper is the latest addition to that family of applications.


GrimTweeper works by showing you all the people you follow on Twitter one by one, and asking you whether you wish to keep on following that person or not. It does that for every single tweep, until it has run through all your followers, and no person who means nothing to you is part of your Twitter life any longer.

As you can imagine, for this to work you have to grant GrimTweeper access to your Twitter account first. But that is mostly all that you have to do – GrimTweeper is a free service, and everything works on the browser from start to finish. In Their Own Words

Fun and easy way to clean up your Twitter follower list.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A service like this will let you have your Twitter account tidied up, and exert the right amount of control over the whole process.

Some Questions About

Will people who have tons and tons of followers really find it practical?

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