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See also: Top Hardware Startups of 2023 now redirects to The company sells high-quality grills and replacement parts, along with rotisseries and conversion kits. And on this site, you can take a very good look at all of its available products. These are all arranged by category; the homepage lets you choose from “Products”, “Parts” and “Accessories”, and you’re sure to get both the perfect grill for your home, and all the right accessories such as spotlights and smokers. And grills for those who plan to go hunting or boating can also be bought on the site. features a series of grill buying guides that you can both view on the site, and download as PDFs. These will let you see the season’s latest grills side by side, and have their features instantly compared.

Moreover, the site includes recipes that you can download and try in order to make the best out of your newly-purchased grill.

And lots of different video assembly guides are available on the company’s YouTube channel, showing you how to put together a grill like a pro, even if you have never done such a thing in your life before. Check them out here, or have a look at the one I have attached below for you.