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Grid.vvall.comInstagram, Dailybooth, TwitPic… people use these services in exactly the same proportion to have their images shared online. None of these could be termed the photo sharing service par excellence. They all coexist. And that poses some really big practical difficulties – you can only follow someone if you ask someone which service he is using to have his images shared. Or if you are willing to search on one service after the other, and single out the ones that person is favoring.


Well, Grid is a new service that hopes to bring some much-needed order in the online sharing of photos. Grid lets anybody have his images placed on a calendar, and access them in a unified way afterwards.

All of the services mentioned in the first paragraph are already fully supported. And so is Facebook, the flagship of the social networking phenomenon, and the one context in which just all of us have an image shared at one time or the other.

Grid is a free service. You can sign for an account of your very own at no cost. And you are obviously not spending a cent if you choose to authenticate who you are using Facebook Connect. In Their Own Words

GRID is a starter project of vvall. It fetches all your photos from different social networks and lists them out by week.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mainly because a service like this one can make for a much better overall experience when sharing images online.

Some Questions About

In which ways could the interface be improved? What have users of the site specifically requested?

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