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Gri.peWhen people get bored, they begin complaining. They complain about the government.


They complain about their bosses. And they complain about the retailers and service providers they have to deal with for the ostensible reason that they are “paying their wages”. That can’t be helped. But it might be put a little more in perspective. is a new social tool which aims to do that.

By using the provided mobile app, people can create a complain page that they can share on Facebook and Twitter. There, they will be able to share their tales of woe and find other people who can tell a similar set of stories. The idea is that the managers of the companies that are being discussed will also learn such a page has been created, communicate with their rattled customers and set about solving the problem.

These complain pages also have two distinct features: they can be geo-located, and they can carry badges in order to showcase the degree of dissatisfaction of the users. In that sense, a clear debt to Foursquare is being paid. In Their Own Words

“Get your Complaints Heard and Resolved Wherever you are!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s just like an instant social version of Yelp. Companies are sure to listen to complains in such a context.

Some Questions About

Which mobiles are to be supported next?

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