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Today’s Killer Startup: GrexIt


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Elevator Pitch:

GrexIt turns your Gmail into a simple, powerful collaboration tool.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

What tabs do you keep open all day? Most of us have a few websites that we’re always on, especially if we work online. For example, I always have Gmail open. It’s my main inbox, both personal and professional, and I do a lot of communicating with clients and colleagues via email.


GrexIt is a popular app that turns your Gmail inbox into a work collaboration tool. It has four main features: shared Gmail labels, notes in email, the ability to create and share email templates, and shared gmail contact groups.


With the addition of the labels, you’re be able to not only keep your own work organized but also collaborate and assign tasks directly from Gmail. With shared contacts, sales and support become so much easier because everyone has access to the same contact list. The notes in email allow for better team collaboration. Finally, the shared email templates mean that the entire team has quick and easy access to those form emails that basically everyone sends out these days.


As remote working teams spread out all over the world become more common, there is an increased need for tools that help everyone stay on the same page, no matter where they’re physically located. GrexIt is one of those tools and, thankfully, it uses a services that so many people are already using (and keeping open) all day, every day. Rather than ask you to download and acclimate to a whole new tool, GrexIt simply super charges your Gmail into an even more useful tool.


So if you’re already using Gmail to communicate with your team, check out GrexIt for a smoother, more integrated daily collaboration — no matter where you are.



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