Anatomy Of Success: Greg Cangialosi

Much has been made of the mindset of an entrepreneur – a willingness to take risks, the ability to turn setbacks or dramatic failures into new opportunities, a hands-on approach to learning, and an internal engine that fires around the clock. The attention is well deserved. An entrepreneur’s determination and resiliency teach us how we too might persevere when our belief is tested, how we might eventually achieve our own goals.



Ultimately, however, we follow the example of an individual because of results achieved. When it comes to accomplishment, each entrepreneur is unique. Each has her own story to tell, his own career history. Our aim is to look closer at the composition of exceptional entrepreneurs and examine how their energies circulate, how their business muscles have been formed. Let’s go beneath the usual layers of advice and praise and explore the anatomy of success, studying the body of work of inspiring leaders.


Greg Cangialosi

The Ravens aren’t the only champions in the Baltimore area. Greg Cangialosi is an entrepreneur, investor, marketing lecturer, and community-minded individual that any neighborhood in the country would be lucky to have working on its behalf. He turns the wealth of his knowledge and experience into shared riches. Technology, business, startups, internet marketing, and social media number among his passions. Here’s a look at his body of work so far:




Co-author of “The Business Podcasting Book” and a serial entrepreneur. Greg’s co-founded Betamore, the Baltimore Angels, and Blue Sky Factory, Inc (acquired by What Counts). He’s a startup advisor (Bizelo, Given), Board Member (Krossover), and active investor. His range of endeavors and interests make him deserving of merit as an industry thought leader.



Besides caring for his family, Greg is a founder of Betamore, an 8,000 square foot co-working space and training ground for entrepreneurs. Betamore looks to grow the startup ecosystem in the Baltimore area and provide the education necessary for community members to fill 21st-century jobs. In the fist year, startups participating in the program raised $5.26 million in venture capital. This sort of giving back to the community keeps on giving.



Good Eyes & Broad Shoulders

As a managing founder of the Baltimore Angels, Greg has been an early stage investor in the following startups: Rewind.Me, PowerInbox, AwayFind, Krossover, 410 Labs, Parking Panda, Bespoke Post,, Reify Health, Oculis Labs, SocialToaster, Staq, Argyle Social, Social Toaster, Clean Plates, Procurely. He sees potential and doesn’t mind carrying part of the load when young companies are figuring out how to lift on their own.



Greg speaks often about marketing, technology, economic development, and entrepreneurship. He gives talks at conferences, seminars and more, to organizations of all kinds. Email him at gcangialosi [at] gmail [dot] com if you’d like to have him speak at an event.


Hope you enjoyed this first Anatomy of Success session, featuring Greg Cangialosi. Let us know what you thought in the Comments section below, and be sure to make a suggestion if there’s an entrepreneur you’d like to see profiled in the series.


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