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Greenzer.comGreenzer is a newly established green shopping portal that collects merchant and product information from across the internet and filters it into a comprehensive catalogue of the web’s best and greenest products. Greenzer chooses its products carefully, looking at four basic criteria to determine whether to include a product or not.


First, Green labels and certifications like EPA or EPEAT are checked. Next the product is analyzed for its Green attributes which include whether it is organically grown, solar-powered, made from bamboo, recycled, compostable, chemical-free or cruelty free. If the product makes it through these two phases it is also analyzed for general environmental impact qualities like whether it uses rechargeable batteries and finally, the companies overall Greenness is taken into account. In Their Own Words

“Greenzer is a next-generation shopping engine designed to make environmentally conscious shopping easier. At Greenzer, we’re building a unique service for consumers to browse, compare and shop thousands of greener products from dozens of our carefully chosen merchant partners.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Greenzer is a for-profit company and there is no reason that they won’t be a big success. The shopping portal is well designed and categories make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Some Questions About

They do not appear to have addressed the environment impact associated with the shipping of products all over the world. How will they offer a green service when products need to be shipped over large distances using extra packaging and fuel? For a site to be green, local products should really be promoted over ones from far-flung locations.

Author : Caroline Bright

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