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Greenscroll.orgGreenscroll is a new not-for-profit organization that aims to make an environmental contribution to the world we live in by taking the WWW as the starting square. It lets webmasters purchase pledges according to their actual traffic, and these contributions empower the company to pump green energy into the way that the Internet is operated.


These pledges come in four different configurations including “Green”, “Blue”, “Red” and “Purple”, and these pledges amount to $ 5, $ 10, $30 and $ 100 respectively. Note that if you are unsure which pledge will go with your site you can actually have the company recommend a pledge to you by merely inputting your site’s URL.

Further services provided by the company include green e-mail (for those who are conscientious and want to collaborate but don’t actually have a site), and a list of green hosting alternatives. The latter is undoubtedly the most direct way to tackle the environmental problems that the world faces today. But any of the options that are provided here is an effective one, and whichever alternative you choose will not go unnoticed in the end. In Their Own Words

“Greening the Web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site offers so many options for helping the environment that mostly everybody will find something he can do towards the cause.

Some Questions About

Will more types of pledges be eventually purchasable?

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