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GreenNurture.comIf you have your own company and you think it was about time you did something for the environment, then checking this site out is a very apt way to get started. In principle, Green Nurture is an initiative whereby any company whatsoever can implement greener practices, and raise awareness among its employees.


Each participating company is attributed an index (the “Green Action Index”) that reflects how its employees are going about their business every single day, and how that is affecting the environment itself.

Moreover, employees are given a truly active role in the way that energy is consumed at the workplace. Forums are provided for them to discuss anything that has to do with the actual impact that the company’s policies are having on the environment.

The idea, then, is to encourage companies on the whole to make effective changes in the way everything is operated. Ultimately, a greener brand is always one that will elicit a more sympathetic reaction from the buying public. And a corporate image that has so much instant likeability is the dream of every entrepreneur. In Their Own Words

“Sustainable behavior now has its rewards!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way of making any company move together towards achieving loftier goals.

Some Questions About

How long would it take for these Green Action Index badges to become widespread?

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