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GreenHomeImprovement.comIf you are concerned about the current state of our planet and wish to do something about it but just don’t know what, this site will be a good spot for you to visit. It is self-defined as “a community site for greening the home”, and it effectively stands as a place where homeowners who are eco-conscious meet up with green-certified contractors.


The aim is to green the world by improving our homes in an eco-friendly way.

To these effects, on the site you can find green ideas that are applicable to each and every part of your house, as well as being able to post specific questions that you want to have answered.

On the other hand, if you have some ideas of your own that you think could be beneficial to others the site makes it very easy for you to share them right away.

On the whole, the site is very clear and concise. If you want to see how it all works out in practice just visiting it and giving the “What do you want to green?” section a quick look will give you a more than adequate idea of what to expect. In Their Own Words

“Where eco-consious homeowners and green-certified contractors meet, share and green our world.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Taking care of our planet is everybody’s responsibility. This site lets us do that in a way that is instantly accessible.

Some Questions About

Is a “best of” section included on the site?

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