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GreenGoose.comA service that might seem a little on the gimmicky side but which turns out to work quite well, Green Goose will let you estimate how much energy you are spending and how much you could consequently save. This solution is web-based, and it also entails buying a basket of green eggs to measure your expenditure.


Yes, you read right. These eggs are actually wireless sensors. You can place them on your bicycle, your thermostat and even your keychain. The actions you carry out from that point onwards will be registered and translated into savings. That is, if you walked instead of using the car the system will duly register that, and the amount that was saved will be reported back to you.

You can’t accuse this of not being different. It is also a little bit zany, and that might be one of the reasons I like it. Currently, there are 100 egg kits for sale, and these are usable by bicyclists only. The technology still has some way to go, and the most appealing feature is that the team responsible for it hopes to eventually apply it to lifestyle decisions on the whole – not just when it comes to saving energy. In Their Own Words

“Sustainable savings made simple.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a radically different new way to save, and one that is instantly likable at that.

Some Questions About

What is the next step? What will be measured next?

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