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GreenGlobeIdeas.comTo a lesser or bigger extent, saving the planet is a task that involves us all. Every person can make a contribution to the cause, and there is not such a thing as an insignificant contribution – every single individual can make a difference.

This site stands as a spot where people from all over the globe can convene online and share their ideas for the welfare of the planet. These are arranged by way of a navigation menu touching upon items like “Simple Ideas” and “Top Rated Ideas”, as well as a “Popular Ideas” section. You can also visualize the ideas that have been submitted more recently in the section that goes by the corresponding name.

By way of example, some of the featured ideas include “Let oil companies bail out the car companies” and “Make Earthday everyday”. Ideas can be displayed by country, too.

The site likewise includes polls that deal with connected issues, whereas a section that goes by the name of “Green Witness” is devoted to reviews and articles such as how to save electricity and so forth. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to green globe We are a bunch of global citizens striving to make the globe go green. This site is driven by users who want to go green in this world. Be it a daily tip or a big idea; post your ideas which can eventually change the mankind. The future is controlled by the actions of the present, as small green ideas for the present can make a huge difference for the future. This website is a one stop destination which will provide the user with all innovative and simplest ideas that a common man can implement in a simplest way and to make the life better for the future.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such an online resource gives people all over the world a chance to voice their thoughts and collaborate as one.

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How can the site advertise itself in order to reach as wide a public as possible?