– A Green Index Sourced by the Crowd

GreenerOne.comGlobal warming got you down? There are things you can do about it of course. One way is take part in GreenerOne.

The concept of this site is not only very suitable for these times, it’s also quite innovative. GreenerOne gives you the low down on the greenness of household and everyday products, such as your shampoo or new carpet. The site’s index provides an at a glance assessment of thousands of different products which have been added by you and other users. GreenerOne supplies users with guidelines and resources for assessing the greenness of the products they buy; for example, in the case of a car, they’ll ask about its EPA Air pollution score, the answer to which can be found on the EPA site. Once users have found the information, they can add it to the database, allowing the site to calculate the overall green index for the project. It essentially acts as a wiki. Users can enter information or search for it. Ultimately, the company hopes that GreenerOne measurements will be found on products everywhere. In Their Own Words

“As we all learn more about the climate crisis and other threats to our environment, people are becoming increasingly interested in the ways in which they can do their part to help change the trend. It is clear that our consumption has had an enormous detrimental effect on the environment. Greener One therefore believes that an important part of helping the environment comes from taking a closer look at the items we consume – whether they are paper towels, household appliances, or automobiles – and choosing products and services that are greener and therefore better for the planet.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

GreenerOne provides consumers with a green index which they themselves can help contribute to. It makes people more aware about the effect they are having on the planet while also, aiding them to realize how they can make a difference.

Some Questions About

Can the site get enough entries from users themselves, or will users simply turn to the site for information? How many sources are listed for users to consult?