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Here’s How To Take Your Great Idea To Beautiful Reality

Do you have an awesome idea for a physical product but have no idea how to take it from that 2D sketch to a 3D reality? That’s okay – this world is full of people who are thinkers and those who are doers. We need them both!



If your skill set lies more on the thinker/dreamer side of things but you’re ready to move forward with a great idea, check out Andesign to help you turn your dream into a reality. Andesign is a Los Angeles/Orange County-based product design firm. Well, that’s what they call themselves, at least. I’d say they’re more like a one-stop shop for taking your idea from sletch to product to funding to marketing to shipping it out to satisfied customers.


They basically do it all.


Andesign’s process is clearly broken down into four phases. In the first phase, you work hand-in-hand with their team of designers to make sure they know exactly what it is you want to create. You’ll start with a standard Post-it amplified brainstorming session so that the designers get a deep understanding of what the idea is and where it’s going to go.


The team will then do a deep dive into the best way to move forward with development of your product, a move that ends with beautiful hand drawn sketches that offer a variety of options for how things can go. After a chat (or a few chats, really), Andesign’s designers will come back with a finalized 2D drawing that will bring the project into phase two.


andesign sketch


While phase one is fine, phase two is where the really fun, high-tech stuff comes into play. Using their computer aided design software, the Andesign team will create 3D designs that exactly match the final, physical product. This allows them – and you, the idea person – to test everything out before sinking money into manufacturing.


Once all the kinks are worked out, the team will produce a photo-realist rendering of the product, an image so realistic that it can be used in marketing and advertising. They also give a complete image of what the final product will be, meaning you get to see it before it’s ever even made.


andesign photo realistic


The next step is to work out the details. What’s it going to be made of? What colors will you use? Should this part be plastic or metal? The team will answer all of these questions – and more – until the look and feel of the physical product is exactly right and it’s ready for the design for manufacturing, which is the final design before the prototype is produced.


Phase three is all about prototyping. In order to make sure that the final prototype – the one that goes to the manufacturing partners and, therefore, the one that every single item is going to be modeled on – is correct, Andesign has three different prototyping stages. Be patient – it’s worth it.


andesign prototype


And phase four is where the magic happens! You get to sit back and relax while the Andesign team manages everything about the manufacturing process. They have manufacturers that they’ve worked with for a long time, so you can trust that your product is being made by a reliable company, not just some random place in China. Andesign will stay in daily contact with the manufacturing plant to make sure everything is running smoothly, providing you with regular updates along the way.


And finally, as a more recent addition to their services, Andesign will help entrepreneurs navigate the crowdfunding process. They’re experienced in running crowdfunding campaigns and will make sure it’s done properly for your company.


So what was that idea you’ve been sitting on for ages now? Still stumped on how to make it a reality? Stop wasting time and get in touch with Andesign today.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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