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Grasshopper.comEntrepreneurs and businessmen are well-advised to give the Grasshoper website a try. Broadly speaking, the company behind it offers a virtual phone system which includes toll free numbers and voicemail requiring no hardware purchases of any kind.


The way this is implemented is far from complicated, as you just pick a number for your business and then proceed to record a main greeting. Afterwards, you simply have to add the pertinent departments and employees and from that point onwards you will be capable or getting calls from anywhere. Besides, you will be able of receiving voicemails and faxes in an equally smooth way.

This system accommodates enterprises of every type, actually, since an unlimited number of extensions are made available. Also, since local numbers can be chosen at will you will be capable of giving your company something akin to a multi-city appeal.

This service is provided in a monthly basis – there is no need to sign a contract, or incur into a longer term commitment of any kind. It is also completely upgradeable, so that if you try it and like it you can move upwards and have a bigger number of minutes per month among other advantages. In Their Own Words

“The Virtual Phone System Designed for Entrepreneurs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It stands as an apt way of giving any company multi-city appeal, in a cots-effective fashion.

Some Questions About

How much does the basic plan cost?

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