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Graphwise.comWhether you are a student or a scientist, will come in handy. is a search engine for all “table data” that is found on the Internet and then shows the data in graphic form. Searching is simple and provides a wide variety of results and options to help narrow the search. Once the ideal graph is found it appears with the original source URL and can be used in presentations and further research endeavors. The data available has no boundaries, meaning that is if the data is anywhere on the web, you can have access to it. Not only that but someone else will do the dirty work of putting into graphic form. Original graphs are also part of and are accompanied by extensive information describing the methods and meanings of the results. Even if you don’t have specific data in mind but you are a fan of graphs you can check out the most popular graphs and tags of the day. Today’s popular graphs include: Iraq Coalition Casualties, Donovan McNabb: QB or RB, Campaign Contributions and They released who? If you are interested in anything from baseball and beer to politics and calculators, check out and put some concrete data behind your beliefs. In Their Own Words

“Every data table data found by the GraphWise web crawlers is broken down into its rows and columns. Then applicable bar, line, pie, area, map, and scatter graph thumbnails are automatically displayed next to the table data.

Click on a thumbnail plot in your search results to add it to the GraphWise workbench. As you search and find other data you can add those plots to the workbench with a simple click. GraphWise will automatically adjust the axis of the graph for different data types and, if needed, will add up to three axis representing different scales to help you better visualize your information.

Click the Zoom button under the workbench and you will be able to customize the graph. You can change the title, what data points and graph components to display, and you can add watermarks and change color themes. Your finished graphs can be emailed to a friend, downloaded for use in business presentations or homework, or embedded in your blog by using the provided permalink.

As with our search repository, we have a long way to go. Today, GraphWise has over 2 million tables and 150 million graphs. We plan to reach the one billion graph mark in the coming months.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is perfect for high school and college students who have forgotten (or never told) that graphs can be found in books. Doing research is made easy by searching for a given topic and finding all of the relevant data in easy to read graphic format.

Some Questions About

Are there any restrictions as to where the data can be found? Obviously there is a lot of data on the Internet that is false or just out of date. Is there a way to monitor this or will site users simply be responsible for double-checking the original source?