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Graphsy.comGraphsy is a web-based graph drawing tool that focuses on simplistic usability. With this tool, users can easily build and edit graphs online.

Users can layout basic shapes for their graphs, as well as resize and modify them how they wish. They can add edges to shapes, either to connect those shapes, or to simply improve the visuals of the graph. Users may also alter the colors of the text, stroke, and fill. Users can modify the context of the graphs by cloning, deleting, and splitting images on the graph. Aside from creating graphs, users may mange their projects through Graphsy as well. Users can create new files, save them as templates, and use the file manager function to filter them all. In Their Own Words

“Graphsy is a new graph drawing application for the Web with a focus on usability. It allows you to access graph projects from anywhere, all you need is a web browser. It is currently in the alpha stage of development with more features added all the time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Graphsy has potential, as this tool focuses on ease of use. A bit more development and more features will move this project in the right direction.

Some Questions About

How can the site be improved so that it has a clean and professional design? What additional features may be added?