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Graph Story – Grow Your Business On A Graph Database (Leaving The Work To Someone Else)

Wanna time travel to the future with faster technology?


Big data is already changing how we do everything, and it’s not going to slow down. Well, graph databases allow big data to power up and be put to use more quickly and extensively. And Graph Story is a startup that lets companies take advantage of graph databases with little fuss or expense.


See how fast that was? Welcome to the future.



For those in the know, this future of tech powered by graph databases has been around for some time. Big brands such as Accenture, Adobe, eBay, HP, T-Mobile, and Wal-Mart, to name but a few, already rely on graph databases. For those on the outside wanting in, or for developers looking to have their lives made easier, there’s no better place to become more acquainted with graph databases than Graph Story.


Graph Story “provides easy-to-use, secure, scalable, enterprise-ready Graph Database-as-a Services (DBaaS) based on Neo4j.” Neo4j being the most popular open-source graph database available on Java.


Regardless of what your company is into—social media, marketing, recommendations, analytics, etc.—Graph Story helps you to analyze data faster and to stay ahead in your field by making the best decisions based on true real-time data.


Businesses of all sizes can now generate unbelievable amounts of data. It’s a struggle for everyone to handle growing amounts of complex data, affordably. Graph Story looks to take the pressure off companies by taking care of the management side of things, so that businesses can focus on building great services and products.


Setting up databases, secure access, scaling according to use – work that most humans would prefer to avoid. That’s why Graph Story does these jobs. They keep graph databases humming and equip you with simple management tools, and you keep growing your graph-backed application.


All those pesky maintenance tasks such as backups, tuning, migrations? Graph Story has you covered. You get to stay focused on putting data insights to the best use. As the website states succinctly, “Your data has a story to tell. Tell it simply with Graph Story.”


Graph Story works with startups and established, large companies alike, offering solutions that match each client’s needs and budget. As you accelerate into the future, and go from unknown to megastar enterprise, Graph Story can scale alongside you seamlessly.


If you’re not building on top of a graph database already, you can bet you’ll want to before long. If you are doing so already, you’re probably anxious to let someone else worry about things like uptime and maintenance. Learn more about the answers Graph Story has just for you at


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