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GrandEffect.comWhile it’s not posed to become the next blog conglomerate, new comer GrandEffect is a network to watch out for. It’s already hired on some of net’s most renowned tech writers including ParisLemon’s MG Siegler and Frederic of the Last Podcast, both recent arrivals.

Other staffers include Sarah Perez, the network’s founding member and David Peralty, along with Corvida from and Martin Brinkmann from gHacks. Amongst all the bloggers, the Grand Effect network gets over a million page views. You can easily subscribe to one or all of the blogs via RSS or email. This is a definite bonus for the tech savvy crowd who crave technology news all the time. In Their Own Words

“Grand Effect”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a small but high quality gang of bloggers. Their comments and articles shed light on the tech sector and bring you insights you can’t find any where else. The content is definitely worth adding to your feed rolodex.

Some Questions About

What other bloggers will jump on the GrandEffect Bandwagon? How will this network perform in comparison with its larger more prestigious counterparts?