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Gramfeed.comHere we go again…somebody has come up with yet another alternative for visualizing the images that people are uploading to Instagram. As you know, Instagram is a photo sharing app that has become widely popular over the last couple of months, despite the fact that it still has to offer users a web interface for seeing the images that everybody is sharing. Thus, sites like Gramfeed are released every now and then.

Gramfeed comes with all the features and options one expects to see on the site that Instagram itself is meant to unveil in the not-so-distant future. You can see a live feed with all the photos that people have uploaded more recently, and you can also individualize your followers and see the images that each one of them has uploaded individually. There is not really a lot of room for innovation, really. And that simply makes the question of what is taking Instagram so long to come up with a site of its own stand all the more accusative. In Their Own Words

Photo feed from Instagram.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It covers a very noticeable gap in the way Instagram currently operates.

Some Questions About

How long will it take Instagram to come with its very own website?