– Interactive Bookmarking Widget

GrabLabs.comGrab Labs has devised a widget which provides a way to extend social bookmarking services interactively across a network or linked websites. This widget, when installed on a webpage, allows your site visitors to copy and paste a link to your page on any other site that also features the widget.

To get the widget for your site, simply cut and paste the javascript on to your website. To see who else is using Grab Labs and to start getting connected, check out their blog for a list of other websites which have installed the widget. In Their Own Words

“Grab Labs is a way to link pages on the world wide web. Adding the Grab Labs widget to your site allows visiting users to copy and paste a link to your page on any other web page with the widget using a only two mouse clicks. Click once to copy then click again to paste, two clicks is all it takes”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The Grab Labs widget is as simple as they come; easy to install, easy to use. If it functions like it’s supposed to, it will easily and efficiently links pages together and provides a means for publicity that not only costs nothing, but is also self-generating with unlimited expansion potential.

Some Questions About

The demo on the site doesn’t work, which doesn’t say much for the widget; are there still some kinks that need to be worked out?