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Grabach.atA new chat service that is Facebook-connected, is an interesting development on ChatRoulette and all the other random chat applications that we have seen surfacing left, right and centre over the best part of the last year. You see, this new service is still focused on letting people become acquainted with strangers (a la ChatRoulette), but the people who interact through the site are given the assurance that any match which is produced is having a minimum of relevance since can take into account these things that users like (and have in common) in order to have them paired.

And not only can people get to know like-minded individuals through the site, they can also report anything that is inappropriate. In this way, the two main shortcomings of utterly-randomized chat sites are solved. Users can connect with people who are in their same wavelength, and they are provided with a clean context in which to do so. The whole family will be able to put a service like this one to its intended use. In Their Own Words

Chatter that matters.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides a clean setting in which to interact with people who are like you.

Some Questions About

What else can you do through the site?