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GoTypecast.comTwitter and related platforms have modified the way in which audiences interact with speakers and lecturers. More and more each day, events that enable people to opine on what is being discussed are becoming the norm. And platforms like Typecast keep on expanding the ways in which people can actually make their voices be heard. Or set down in writing, to be more accurate. You see, Typecast lets people create online events (typecasts) in which people can ask questions, and receive direct replies by the ones who have created the events themselves. And they will do that in writing.

Typecasts can deal with mostly anything, and their actual topics are announced when people create them. That is also the time they choose a name for them, and specify the exact date they will be held.

Typecasts can be created and edited at just no cost – registration to the service is free and simple. Yet, a pro version of the service is going to be eventually implemented. Those who sign up now (before Typecast moves out of beta) will stand a chance to win one such account when they are finally announced. In Their Own Words

Answer questions from your readers, friends & fans, live.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to impart what knowledge you have – it lets you answer questions without having to pay infrastructural costs of any kind.

Some Questions About

Which topics are usually dealt with by the ones who have already adopted the service?

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