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GoTreehouse.comTreehouse is a new iPhone app that plays out a simple role: letting you share moments with you friends by uploading images and videos that they can check out quite directly. That is, the media is uploaded to each of you friends’ “Treehouses”, and they can see these images and videos that you have uploaded in their timelines.


Additionally, anything that gets uploaded using this app includes spatial information. This has the advantage of letting everybody figure out where it was that the picture was taken (or where a video was shot) without even having to ask.

This app’s main appeal lies in the fact that it offers a space for the sharing of visual information only. That is, while you can do something similar using Facebook (and you probably do already), the experience there is somehow diluted owing to the amount of information and notifications that populate any user’s stream. That is true even if you only have about 80 or 90 friends. And forget about those who have over one thousand. Bypassing some interesting content is not only easy – it is a given fact. An app like Treehouse aims to position itself as a viable alternative to that conundrum. And the fact that you can get it for free might give it the necessary push for not going unnoticed. In Their Own Words

“A place to share moments with the people you care about.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting alternative to sharing images on Facebook et al, if only because everything is kept more focused.

Some Questions About

Will the app always be available at no cost?

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