– Web-based SSH Client

Gotossh.comGotoSSH can be described as a web-based SHH client that makes for accessing your Linux machines from wherever you are. The main advantage of this application is that the user has no need to install an SSH client to use it – as it is a web based application, the individual simply logs into the GotoSSH website and uses a web browser to access his servers.

Moreover, there is no trace of server access when one finishes using GotoSSH, and this is definitely a plus for those who are preoccupied by security considerations.

The site also includes information on how this solution is actually implemented, and on the steps that are taken in order to ensure that the information at play is always handled securely.

You can sign up for a free trial account at the website, and if you find that the application is what you have been looking for you can purchase an account with unlimited access for the price that is specified online. In Their Own Words

“ is a web based SSH client. You can use to access your important linux machines wherever you are. There is no need to install an SSH client. You simply log into and use your web browser to access your servers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible and secure way of accessing Linux setups from anywhere.

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