GoToMyQB – Effortlessly Find Data You Need In QuickBooks

Sharing data with coworkers often works the same as trying to help someone clean something off of his face. “You’ve got a little something here,” you try to gesture, and he swipes and misses. You point, demonstrate, keep directing… and he somehow keeps missing. It’s an awkward moment for both. It takes a lot of time to accomplish something really simple.


Well, we may have faulty wiring that keeps us from noticing food on our faces, but we can make working together much more efficient. GoToMyQB is a “Google-style search for Quickbooks.” Fast search allows anyone from the sales team, executives – whoever needs sales and customer info – to easily find the information that they need.


qotomyqb landing


If you know how to use Google, you probably don’t even have to ask your colleagues for help any longer. You can type in your keywords and zip along to the data that you’re after, without exchanging messages (and waiting for replies, then looking, and then asking again…).


Since GoToMyQB works in any browser, it’s no trouble to access relevant QuickBooks information on either a laptop, phone, or tablet. Everyone can take work with them wherever they need to go, and still search QuickBooks easily.


Another fantastic feature of the tool is that it pulls up information from different categories the same way. This means that you don’t have to first open invoices, then maybe head over to transactions, then open a customer’s account. Instead of bouncing around QuickBook screens, you merely have to enter your search words and GoToMyQB will take you there.


Search transactions, customers, invoices, vendors, and receipts from just one place. Talk about timesaving convenience! You don’t even need to have QuickBooks opened for GoToMyQB to work properly, so you can always find info on-demand – whether you’re traveling, or taking a call from the home office, or if a request is sprung on you during a meeting.


GoToMyQB is currently free to use while the company is in Beta. Getting started requires no more than a straightforward download. After an easy install and set up, you’re ready to begin searching your QuickBooks databases.


So, if you’re tired of coming up empty handed when trying to find things in QuickBooks, if you want to empower your team members to find information themselves, and you want to boost your searches in QuickBooks to Google speed, check out a live demo or download GoToMyQB at


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