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GotCast.comHas being an actor been a dream of yours? Well it is time to make that dream a reality at gives everyone the opportunity to get discovered. Getting involved in the entertainment business is almost impossible and not everyone can afford to drop everything and move to Hollywood. allows you to get noticed by casting directors without having to leave your home. Register and create a profile to get noticed and get a break. Your profile includes photos of yourself a short description about you and a video where you can let people get a better idea of your character. Once you have a profile the goal is to get as many people as possible to vote for you. The 10 users with the most votes will be submitted to a final round where casting directors will choose one person for an acting role or opportunity. This is your big chance. At the moment is looking for talent for a Hollywood Television Host and TV Adventure Host for Get Out. is also a great site for entertainment directors looking for talent. Once you are on the site you can browse through all of the users and find the perfect face for your show. is beneficial for both aspiring actors and casting directors. In Their Own Words

“GotCast was born from one simple idea – you deserve your shot at stardom!

Until now, getting there was nearly impossible for everyone.

Aside from moving to Hollywood and hoping to get discovered, the only chance you may have had was to show up at a talent competition or send a video to a TV Network – both of these never seem to work. At the same time, Casting Directors from major networks and top Talent Agents are constantly trying to find new talent to appear on their shows, and they are having just as hard of a time finding you!

GotCast simply brings both undiscovered stars and Hollywood Executives to the same place. Now you can get in front of the Casting Directors and Agents that can launch your career.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface with a great deal of photo images. The site is easy to navigate and has information for both actors and casting directors. There is a useful section called audition video tips that helps users put together the most effective. has a whole section dedicated to testimonials from aspiring actors to talent recruiters in the entertainment business. The best way to sell a site is to have lots of positive testimonials to get users excited.

Some Questions About

It does seem as though the contests for the casting will be a popularity contest. Whoever has the most friends or the prettiest face will win and receive the most votes, it has nothing to do with talent. could have the profile information geared more towards acting and entertainment experience. Users should post a resume so that recruiters could get a better idea of a person’s talent.