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Goshi.meLetting people buy and sell items locally in the easiest way of all is the goal of Goshi, a startup which was incubated in Excelerate Labs and (as of the time of launch) it’s mainly focused on the Chicago area. This mobile application lets people take photos of these items they want to sell, name their own price and have them posted to the Goshi marketplace. This can be done at no cost, and the app itself can also be downloaded absolutely for free.


The idea is that if you manage to sell an item on the Goshi marketplace, then the actual delivery is taking place at a local coffee shop. These are the exchange hubs for Goshi users by default. Which is quite reasonable in itself – by making transactions take place in places as public as these, one of the main concerns of online buyers and sellers (IE, the “who-I’m-going-to-meet-and-where”) is smartly eased into the background.

So, it can be said that Goshi sort of disrupts a service like Craigslist by bringing in a strong local element into the equation, and backing that up with a mobile backbone.

It must be noted, though, that Goshi is not the one and only company vying for attention in this space. Other companies that are also fighting for a place in the sun include Sidesell and Mobubble. In Their Own Words

Goshi is location based services + mobile Craigslist.

Some Questions About

Which cities are meant to be supported next? How is that going to be determined?

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