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GoScoville.comDiscovering the best places to visit is the objective of this new location service. The idea is to let you know about the happening spots in the city that you are in. Naturally, this will be very appealing to people who are just passing through, and who want to take a good memory of the place with them when they go. Well, using Scoville they will get to learn what the trendiest places are, and head straight there.

On Scoville, the popularity of places is determined using all the obvious indicators – the amount of people who check-in, the messages and images that are swapped among users… in short: all that goes into actually setting a place abuzz.

For the time being, Scoville is available only to those who have a FourSquare account. That might change soon, though, and even those who are new to the world of location-based networking might be able to get into the swing of it. But keeping things focused on users of FourSquare first is entirely understandable.

GoScoville.com In Their Own Words

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Why GoScoville.com It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for people to find the trendiest places to visit in any city they happen to be passing through.

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