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Gooruze.comOnline marketing is in hyper-drive, keeping up is almost impossible. Gooruze is a new professional community where members inspire, share advice and learn.

Gooruze provides a one stop source for ranked news and advice for online marketing. Created and rated by the members. Gooruze offers the online marketing community a new easy to drive, high performance platform where all members can share, educate, advise and learn – shaping the future of the industry. The content is created by members who share real experiences and insights in the form of articles and news. The posts are tagged, rated and commented on by the community to deliver quality articles and information. In Their Own Words

“Gooruze is here to save you from information overload! And maybe get you closer to that 4 hour work week! Online marketing is in hyper-drive. With new innovations, exciting creative, unparalleled interactivity and ground breaking technology being released daily – keeping up is almost impossible.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In the arena of web 2.0 communities which are developed by online marketers, Gooruze is the first one dedicated to online marketers. It offers a single destination to find the latest online marketing news, trends, advice, articles and Q&A with all the essentials of social networking. And most importantly – it’s created and rated by its members.

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