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Goojet.comGoojet wants to bring the wonderful world of web 2.0 to your mobile handset so you’ll get all the advantages of your desktop life on the go too.

With Goojet users can organize their own ‘mobile space’ and select the services (goojets) to fit their needs. They offer such treats as teleconference, picture galleries, RSS feeds, notes, messages and even weather updates. Basically, you can take your online connections on the road so that you’re always plugged in. Your nomadic life and your planted life are put in synch. Users can use Goojet as a social discovery tool as well; dropping a friend’s avatar on your Goojet phone or desktop enables you to access their own mobile space. All services can be shared or kept private, it’s totally up to you. The Goojet app is free to download and it works with most mobile devices. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to the first version of Goojet and thank you for your visit!
Your phone is entering a totally new dimension. We created Goojet to make mobile services really simple and effective, from any phone – not just high-end handsets. Goojet enables you to customize your phone by organizing YOUR “mobile space”, picking services that are really useful to you. You can also use Goojet to communicate and share with your friends or professional contacts; and to express your creativity, by inventing and sharing new services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Goojet has a vibrant, colorful look that screams youth and web 2.0. The younger gen will like it as it synchs their offline lives with their online and on the go lives so there’s no disconnect. They’ll be able to keep in touch with everyone all the time. It’s got hip social features like Twitter to boot and it’s free.

Some Questions About

What is with the name? Will older users take to Goojet? How does Goojet really add to the mobile space?