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GoodvBad.netIf you are looking for a way to quickly figure out the take on the crowd on issues ranging far and wide, then a website like this one might suit you just fine. In basic terms, it revolves around a series of graphs that showcase different Good Vs Bad questions.


These questions are simple ones – the site does not allow for phrased questions, so that everything is kept as streamlined as it can get.

As it is the norm with sites like this one, the main page includes some featured graphs for you to see this system in action. These include the collective take on matters like “Nonsense”, “WebDesign” and “PC”. When I checked out, there was also one named “Sex”. The results were a bit peculiar, I can tell you. Just look it up and see if you agree with that particular one.

Other than that, the site is a straightforward one and it will pose no difficulties in terms of navigation or usage. You can always count on it to find out what people think when it comes to any topic that interests you. Just point your browser to the site and set your questions down. In Their Own Words

“Everything in life comes down to one simple question, is it good or bad! GoodvBad uses search engine phrasing to generate a quick and easy awanser to any GoodvBad Topic. To get the best results keep your Good v Bad Question Simple (Eg War, Or Drugs). Don’t phrase questions, our poor little script can’t handle those!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a quick and simple way to figure out what people think when it comes to different issues, this site will do the trick unobtrusively.

Some Questions About

Is there any kind of registration or signup process at play?

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