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GoodRec.comDo you ever have the feeling that reading through reviews isn’t really that much useful? For once, the person writing the review might have the opposite tastes as you, or they might just be too long and boring for you to actually get through. If you’re having that problem, you should take a quick look through Goodrec.

com. This online community for people who want to recommend things to their friends should be a big hit amongst people who like to hear what their friends have to say. You can access it through your phone. So say you’re having dinner at a new restaurant, you’ll be able to quickly tell your friends about it, so they can check it out too. For the iPhone bunch, there’s even an app made specially for it. With all these tools at your command, you’ll start recommending your tastes to the rest of the world. Who knows? Maybe you’ll become the next top critic in your area. In Their Own Words

“Goodrec is the easiest way to make, find and remember recommendations among friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Getting recommendations from your buddies will be a hit with everyone. The mobile capabilities make this a most useful site.

Some Questions About

Will people like this? Are your friends a good point of reference when it comes to taste?