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GoodBaad.comThe premise behind this website is truly a simple one: those who visit it can opine on different issues and cast a vote that is either “good” or “baad”. The items that can be voted upon rage far and wide, and these go from personalities and celebrities such as Barack Obama and Alex Ferguson to brands and companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola.


Movies are also part of the ballot, and (not surprisingly) The Dark Knight was included on the opening screen under the “Recent Votes From Good Baad Users” banner when I last checked out.

Furthermore, a “Current Top 5 Hottest Topics” list is included, whereas a “Worldometer” that arrives at an average using the votes put forwards by users is prominently on display. You can even subscribe to this Worldometer and have the information delivered straight to your inbox for maximum convenience.

All in all, the site attempts to be the definitive record of public opinion on the World Wide Web. While it can be argued that gauging something juts in terms of good and bad is not necessarily the most comprehensive approach (IE, not everything is black and white), the site plays out an interesting role, and a visit to it is advisable should you be looking for a quick overview on any given issue. In Their Own Words

“We hope to present the statistics that interest you in the most simple, uncluttered manner possible. By breaking opinions down into the most black and white terms – good and baad. It is hoped that you will see them as a good starting point for thought and debate. It’s all about strong opinions; sitting on the fence is nowhere near as interesting. ‘Marks out of 5’ works well for talent shows, but polar points of view make for more interesting discussions, so join in. We hope these stats will act as a useful basis for blog posts, articles and debates. When using this site as a source please link back to us – the more users we have the more useful the information becomes. We plan to add widgets to make adding our features to your sites and social networks easier.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a resource makes collating basic debate information a supple task indeed.

Some Questions About

Do you have to register in order to cast a vote?

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