GoMusic.ru – Russian & Foreign Music

GoMusic.ruLooking for the latest albums? Looking for low price downloadable music? If so, this is the right place for you. GoMusic (formerly known as MP3Search) is a music portal of Russian and International music.

It has been licensed by the Russian copyright organization FAIR, allowing to legally offer music by all artists and from all labels. GoMusic offers the latest albums for download. Their catalogue is really good and you’ll probably find some weird stuff and collectors’ items. You can search the catalogue by music genre, artist, album, collections and soundtracks. Files are not protected so you can do whatever you want with the music files: burn audio CDs, transfer music to your portable MP3 player; there are no limits. All files are mp3 and the quality is good. GoMusic charges $.19 per song, but you cannot pay per download like iTunes and Napster. To be able to download you have to pay in advance by buying download credit for $20 to $50. Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal and by phone. Once you download a song you can access your account from a different computer and download it to that one as well. The site also archives your downloads, so you can re-download songs you’ve already paid for but lost on your computer.

GoMusic.ru In Their Own Words

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Why GoMusic.ru It Might Be A Killer

GoMusic is a great resource for music. It offers many albums that you will not find in other catalogues. Users will sure appreciate its low pricing and high download speeds. There’re no annoying copy protections and it offers great in-depth catalogue for some artists. It is also compatible with all portable players.

Some Questions About GoMusic.ru

Will they add a download manager? A file manager like allTunes would be nice. Is using GoMusic legal in other countries? GoMusic.ru